Welcome to Quality Medicare Clinic

At Quality Medicare, we’re more than a healthcare company. We’re a global health service company as we have affiliates with healthcare institutions all around the world. We work with employers and organizations around the world helping employees stay healthy and on the job.

Comprehensive Medical Screening

We offer a wide range of screening packages for corporate organizations with focus on improving productivity.

Executive Male & Female Screen

Take charge of your health. Utilize our custom made medical screening for men and women. We extend our services to home and offices of individuals with tight schedule.

Domestic Staff screening

Our domestic screening packages cuts across tuberculosis, HIV Screen, Hepatitis, and others to eliminate the possibility of infection

International Medical Referral

We work with treatment partners abroad and provide Local & International Health Referrals for individuals.

Our screening package is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Be Healthy!  Enjoy Comprehensive Medical Screening With Free Home Service